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Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums

Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums

Being a mum is fulfilling, but it can also drain your energy, especially if you are trying to juggle work, family, and time for yourself. Of course, despite being busy, you still NEED to have some quality time alone to renew and rejuvenate yourself. There is no doubt you are beautiful—but sometimes its so easy to neglect sprucing yourself up because your job, children, and family are your top priority


Take a deep breath.

There is no need for you to compromise your beauty and taking care of yourself just because you are busy and that the demands of your very active lifestyle is demanding a lot of your time.

Wondering what is the answer for this?

It is simple. Here are my top Beauty hacks.

Taking some time off to take care of yourself is not a bad thing, and allowing at least twenty minutes in the morning to get yourself ready for the day should be on the priority list as you will feel better for it. You know you can actually multi-task and you are a professional when it comes to that game.

We have come up with a series of beauty hacks which you can enjoy and do despite a very busy schedule.

Check them out below.

1. Use A Tinted Moisturiser

Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums - use a tinted moisturiser

If you do not have the luxury to go for a full faced make-up or apply foundation, a tinted moisturiser can be your bestfriend. A tinted moisturiser gives you an instant glow and evens your skin tone without accentuating your fine lines and dry patches, if you have any.

2. Choose A Lipstick Shade That Provides A Fresh Look In An Instant

Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums - Choose a lipstick

For days that you find yourself running out of time but still want to look effortlessly presentable, splash some color on your lips for a fresh pick me up. Choose a shade that complements your skintone for an instant fresher look despite lacking sleep from running errands all day!

3. Mascara Is Your Bestfriend

Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums - Mascara is your bestfriend

Eyes are the windows to the soul—and that is very true. Invest on a good quality, waterproof mascara and brush them up on your lashes to make your eyes appear wider and awake. It is the perfect ammunition you could ever have to have brighter peepers and make you look less tired.

4. A Relaxing Bath

Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums - a relaxing bath

When the kids are in bed, you can sneak in a 20 minute relaxing bath. Take time to indulge in a tub of warm water infused with some essential oils and relaxing scent of magnesium soak. Play some relaxing tunes and sip on a glass of wine to help your whole body relax and feel as if you are in paradise. This is a great way to rejuvenate and re-energise yourself after a long and tiring day at work and home. Check out Pure Fiji Coconut Milk Bath Soak, too.

5. Use An Eye Cream

Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums - use an eye cream

Invest in a good eye cream that is packed with collagen and some essential nutrients that help get rid or improve the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. Collagen-infused eye creams are usually the best option as they promote the regeneration of cells and production of protein inside the body for a more elastic and even textured skin.

6. Apply A Flesh Colored Or White Eyeliner On Your Lower Lash Line Or Corner Of Your Eyes

Beauty hack for busy mums - use eyeliner

Use a flesh colored eyeliner to line your lower lash line for bigger eyes, then a lightly colored one should be applied in the inner corners of your eyes. Doing so can make your eyes pop and you will not be leaving any evidence that you are up all night with an unsettled child!

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