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The Bio-Therapeutic BT-sculpt is patented, pre-programmed Suzuki Sequencing, and the result of 50 years’ experience as the leader in microcurrent technology, energizes the skin and safely stimulates the facial topography into a more firm, lifted appearance.

The unique patent pending K4iTEKTM self tensioning probe system allows for application with just one hand, providing a precise, comfortable lifting pressure that’s extraordinarily simple to use. Unique to Bio-Therapeutic, four independently controlled energy pathways and ultra pure martensitic stainless steel probe heads deliver the same superior coverage seen in all our professional models.

At the core of this device is Bio Therapeutic patented Suzuki Sequencing, a pre-programmed system that infuses the skin with energising currents.


These gentle yet effective microcurrents safely stimulate the facial topography, resulting in a noticeably firmer, more toned, and lifted appearance. Experience the power of our advanced technology as it effortlessly enhances your natural beauty.


What sets this device apart is its unique and proprietary feature: four self-tensioning stainless steel probes. These probes are strategically positioned to create two channels that independently control energy pathways, ensuring superior coverage unlike anything previously seen outside our professional models.


With this innovative design, you can precisely target specific areas of concern and achieve remarkable results.

Non-invasive, gentle & good for all skins

Enhance facial sculpting, contouring & lifting

Customisable treatment protocols

Boost collagen & plump skin

Intense hydration for glowing skin

Reduction in pore size

Improvements in skin texture, colour & luminosity

Diminish appearance of fine lines

Visible results in minutes


Using low-voltage microcurrent electricity, we stimulate facial muscles to give the face the ultimate age-defying workout.

Sculpting, lifting AND contouring is made possible by using microcurrent in tandem with physical kinesiology movements that shorten and lengthen the various muscles of the face. These physical techniques combined with the increased level of ATP help reinforce the targeted muscles to stay in their newly contoured position for a longer period of time.

ATP growth & collagen development leaving skin lifted, plump & hydrated

Improves skin tone & elasticity

Reduces the appearance of fine lines

Firms, contours & offers intense hydration for radiant, glowing skin

Combined with ‘skin work’ using ampoules, serums and saturated infusion masks.

BT Sculpt Device

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