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Prevent AND soothe chafing in sensitive areas.

Breasts and nipples

Inner thighs and bikini area

Underarms and buttocks

Long lasting silky soothing barrier

Helps prevent chafing by creating a long lasting barrier that is not greasy or sticky.

If skin is already chafed, Calmmé will help soothe.

Helps reduce redness and pigmentation.

A little goes a long way.

It is a highly concentrated formula and so a little goes a long way.

Calmmé feels like you are wearing a silk body stocking, which allows your skin to glide.

No *perceived nasties or **potential allergens and no cruelty.

No parabens, no powder, no aluminium chlorohydrate, no palm oil, no fragrances, no essential oils, no colourants.

*Perceived nasties are those ingredients that have had years of bad press, but scientifically not proven to be toxic.

**Potential allergens are those ingredients that can either sting or cause those with sensitive skin to flare up.

No cruelty because we love and respect all living creatures.

Safe to be used on broken skin.

Chafe prone or any other type of sensitive skin is prone to tears. Calmmé does not sting!

No cross contamination.

Our packaging has been carefully crafted to avoid cross contamination.

Tested on athletes, created for everyday.

Calmmé is a warrior cream that has been formulated to do exactly what it is meant to. But it is gentle enough not to be noticed during the day.

Saddle sores, rashes blisters, skin tears and even bed sores have all been prevented with the help of Calmmé.

Seen but not heard – the quiet achiever!

At first it may not feel like other creams or anti-chafe solutions that you may have tried. In fact, it has been especially created not to feel like anything else. It is meant to feel like it is not there, whilst it works its magic to protect and soothe you.


Use on clean, dry skin. Apply before activity for protection against chafing. If your skin is already chafed, gently apply the cream to help soothe.

Calmmé anti-chafe & soothing cream

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