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Corrective skin care for mature and dry skin conditions.

Enjoy younger, firmer looking skin with exclusive ‘AGE REVERSAL’ formulations that rejuvenate deep within the skin to eliminate fine lines. Replenished and nourished from the inside out, your complexion is Invigorated and its natural vitality restored.  

This kit includes products formulated with a maximum dose of tetra-peptides and ingredients like Caviar & Pearl Extract, Collagen & Elastin, which stimulates the skin to firm, lift and rejuvenate!

Essential corrective skin care for mature and dry skin conditions, ‘AGE REVERSAL’ is LA CLINICA’s pinnacle skin care range; targeting skin renewal, restoration and radiance at a cellular level.

This kit contains $405rrp worth of products. Save $145rrp when you buy this kit!

This Kit Includes:

ANTI AGEING Gentle Milk Facial Cleanser (Code A1, 250mL)

A luxurious cream cleanser to effectively cleanse and remove impurities from the skin without disrupting the skin's protective barrier. 

This product is suitable for skin that is starting to show the first signs of ageing through to mature skin. The delicate cleansing action is effective at removing impurities without the removal of epidermal lipids which naturally decrease as we age.


AGE REVERSAL Caviar & Pearl Repair Facial Serum (Code 8A1, 30mL)

NOW with Snail Secretion Filtrate

A powerful repair complex serum fortified with Acetyl Decapeptide-3 and Biomimetic Peptides to stimulate collagen production to awaken skin and deliver results. 

Incorporating Caviar Complex, Pearl Extract and Vitamins A, E & C.

Ideal for skin conditions showing signs of skin ageing, wrinkles and loss of skin tone. 

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, post facial surgery conditions and persons taking oral anti-acne medication. 

Ideal for use during a skin needling regime. This serum contains active ingredients to help strengthen skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of flaws.


AGE REVERSAL Caviar & Pearl Repair Facial Moisture Cream (Code 8A3, 50mL)

A powerful repair complex moisture cream with biomimetic peptides and rich natural emollients to deliver results.

Use morning and night to experience more hydrated skin that looks and feels firmer and younger.


ANTI AGEING 3 Fruit Enzymes Exfoliating Scrub & Mask (Code A6, 125g)

Achieve instant and visible results with the 3 Fruit Enzymes Exfoliating Scrub & Mask. Formulated for glowing, radiant skin and clarity, this multifunctional exfoliant can be used as an exfoliating mask, scrub or both. Natural fruit enzymes combined together with scrub particles work in synergy to deliver a powerhouse exfoliating mask; the key to a bright, glowing, healthy complexion.


LA CLINICA Toiletry Bag worth $20rrp


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