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The best-selling scent and trusted natural ingredients - now in tube form! Fall in love with the same invigorating essential oil blend, that can be applied directly to your armpits: no finger-to-underarm action required! Our push-up tubes are easy to use and environmentally friendly - made using water-based ink, they are entirely compostable.

Application Steps:

Remove the lid and push up gently from the bottom of the tube to expose 1-2mm of deodorant.

Apply a small amount directly to your clean, dry underarms, ensuring you cover the entire surface area of your armpit.

Allow the product to fully absorb for a few moments.

Remember to put the lid firmly back on the tube and enjoy the rest of your sweet-smelling day!

Accidentally exposed WAY too much deodorant?

Simply tap the bottom of the tube firmly on a table to release it back down.

Does the product feel a little firmer than you're used to?

Hold the product onto your skin for a few moments, as the warmth of your skin will quickly soften the product and make it easier to apply.

Worried you'll get it on your clothes?

Fear not - 100% of our deodorant testers reported no stains to their clothing when using our deodorant tubes. We do recommend applying your deodorant before you get dressed and letting it absorb before you pop your clothes on.

Natural Approach Bicarb FREE Natural Deodorant Lemongrass, Lime & Patchouli

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