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Try the Tribe skin routine for 'Normal/Dry/Redness' without having to buy the full-size versions. Everything you need to smooth, soften and hydrate your sensitive skin.

Suitable for all skin types, including those prone to rosacea and eczema.


Gentle Balm Cleanser 20ml

A super gentle cleanser that will leave your skin soft and hydrated, rather than 'stripped' and tight. 

Resurfacing 2-in-1 Exfoliant 12g

Dissolves dead skin and absorbs excess oil to resurface your skin and reveal your fresh, glowing skin underneath.

Ultimate Hydrating Moisturiser 20ml

Calming and soothing, this moisturiser leaves your skin feeling plump, calm and hydrated.

Soothing Anti-Redness Serum 20ml

This serum is packed with anti-inflammatories to soothe your skin and reduce facial redness in as little as 2 weeks. It doubles as a hydrating serum.


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