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Night Time Beauty Routine

Night Time Beauty Routine

Our skin undergoes several changes with new habits and I truly believe that having a good night time routine can set you up to having the best amount of rest that your body and skin will thank you for.

If you are suffering from dull, devitilised skin or have constant battles with breakouts or dry flaky skin patches, chances are your skin hasn’t received the love it needs before it hits the pillow.

Here are some tips to remember that may do wonders for your skin overnight:

Cleanse Your Skin

Your Skin has worked so hard to fight so many free radicals from damaging your skin during the day. Air-Conditioning, Traffic Pollutants, Passive Smoke that may have wafted in your face as you walked past someone. I mean seriously the skin is screaming “Give me a good clean!” when you are jumping in the shower after a big day. However unfortunately just a quick rinse with water won't do the job. Heat and exposure to ultraviolet rays deregulate the glands responsible for oil production, so deeper cleaning is necessary before bed so that the pores are unobstructed during the hours of sleep. Power Cleansing is a must which is done by using a water soluable oil over your skin to get rid of all the dirt, makeup and excess sunscreen. Then using a cleanser that has been prescribed for YOUR SKIN TYPE to remove all the traces of any impurities that are present within your skin, preventing any makeup build-up and any break-outs that had a chance of occurring.

Exfoliation Before Bed Prevents Skin Sensitization

It is also important to increase the frequency of exfoliation as sweat, dead cells and dirt accumulated throughout the day are guaranteed for comedones (blackheads) and other types of infections. However, it is very important to remember that exfoliation should only be done at night, since the practice can leave the skin more sensitive to sun damage.

Night Moisturizers with Antioxidants Are Important

When choosing a night moisturizer, it is worth 100% completely worth going in to your professional skin therapist and asking what is best for your skin. When the body is in its resting state your skin is recharging and absorbing the most nutrients, and I’m sure you would agree that it would be better to have something that can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and work on your skin goals than sit on top and basically just lubricate the surface. You need to replenish the vitamins and minerals that have been lost after a hard days work and no amount of clean eating and green smoothies will make that skin glow more than letting it soak up the goodness of Vitamin A, C and E, which in the correct % levels can protect and renew your skin dramatically, along with adding in a cocktail of peptides that in a nutshell slow down the collagen and elastin from depleting in the skin.

Keep A Hydramist On The Side Of the Bed to Prevent Dryness

If you have a habit of sleeping with the air conditioner switched on in the summer, it is important to double your care with hydration of the skin, since the electrical devices manage to cause the water present in the dermis to evaporate at a much higher speed. To avoid dryness of the skin at night, it is best to leave your hydramist on the side of the bed and spray it a little on the face every time you wake up with a feeling of pulled skin.

Sleep Well Always

A good night's sleep lasting 8 hours at least allows you an almost complete recovery from the workday and stress. Plus sleeping well prevents wrinkles and dark circles! Oh, if you want to avoid marks on your face after sleep, just choose silk pillowcases which will save your skin from the harsh cotton fibres.

These small beauty tips are an essential part of my beauty routine before going to bed, try some of these and let us know the difference you feel. If you know any beauty tips for the night time, do share it with us in the comments below so we can inspire each other and ensure that a little extra effort can make a huge difference to our skin long term!


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