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The Power Of Brows

As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul - but the eyebrows are the window frames! Our brows have an extraordinary ability to define our faces, sculpt our features, and either enhance or detract from our natural beauty. We have all experienced this to some degree, whether it be the time they were waxed too thin, dyed too dark, or left lopsided. Just a single brow hair out of place can leave us with a sense of unease. Let’s discuss some of the most popular brow treatments and their benefits.

Power Of Brows - shaping


Developing expert skills for brow shaping can take a combination of a keen artistic eye and many years of experience. Each face comes with limitless variations in bone structure, symmetry, fat distribution, skin texture, and eye shape - all of which impacts on your ideal brow shape. And if your brows have been mis-shapen for a long period of time, it can be a difficult process to re-establish the correct one for you. On top of this, there are many forms of brow shaping that will need to be chosen according to your individual growth patterns, hair thickness, skin type/condition, and pain threshold. You may be suited to threading, tweezing, hot wax, strip wax, or a combination approach.

Power Of Brows - tinting


Just like hair colouring, brow tinting can be much more complex than you might think. There are elements you may not have considered that only skilled and experienced brow artists are equipped for. Each individual’s hair takes up colour at different speeds, which means that one blonde client may turn a pleasant natural brown after 5 minutes, and another may turn jet black. There are also a number of tint brands on the market, some more effective or long lasting than others. And then there is technique - perhaps you would like your results to be more visible and dramatic with a defined shape and border. In this case, the tint can be applied in a way that the skin below the hairs is also tinted, giving a greater impact. Contrastly, if you want the opposite ultra-natural look, your brow artist may carefully comb the tint through only the brow hair, not touching the skin.

Check out these Youngblood On Point Brow Pencil and HD Brow Glue as options for take home products to receive a desired brow result.


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