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Why Do I Have Wrinkles And Pimples?

Wrinkles And Pimple

How hormones can cause acne in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and what you can do to combat it.

Perhaps the only thing worse than dealing with teenage acne is battling pimples in midlife. It can come as quite a shock to affected women. At a time when they are concerned with fighting the signs of ageing finding themselves strangely faced with acne also can feel disconcerting.

It creates a twofold problem for women - fighting the double whammy of pimples and winkles.

Adult hormonal acne can present as mild to severe and is most prominent on the jawline, chin and cheeks but can occur anywhere in the body including the back. Eruptions can be deep, painful and cyclical. Or they can be small but persistent watery like vesicles with redness. Adult acne can accompany other symptoms such as abnormal hair growth, stomach bloating, heavier painful periods or cessation of menstruation altogether with hot flushes.

These symptoms are associated with pregnancy, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Oestrogen Dominance, contraceptive pill, increased androgen levels, menopause, or gut related issues Stress and lack of adequate sleep can make the situation worse as it puts pressure on the adrenal glands which produce a hormone caused cortisol. This cortisol works on the testosterone pathway thus increasing the chances of breakout.

It can be such a difficult and overwhelming time trying to figure out how it started and how to manage it.

Many women feel embarrassed and frustrated by the impact it has on their day to day life which can erode their self esteem.

So What Do I Need to Do to Fix It?

Wrinkles And Pimples - Consult a professional skin therapists

Consult a Professional Skin Therapists

Firstly, it’s important that you know that your hormonal acne can be treated and you will eventually have clear smooth skin again.

Your trusted skin therapist is well versed in treating complex skin issues holistically and will work together with you, your GP, and naturopath to resolve your acne issue.

Skin can become less resilient as you age but professional skin therapists will take the guess work out of the equation for you by providing you with solutions which simultaneously address your acne and wrinkles.

After consultation a treatment plan will be devised for you based on your individual requirements.

In most cases your professional salon treatments will include, but are not limited to, skin peels, LED, microdermabrasion, skin needling, and laser.

The correct products will be prescribed for you to use at home on a daily basis. Thankfully, many active ingredients designed to fight acne also help to minimise wrinkles. In most cases you will see an improvement within 3 months provided you comply with your treatment plan.

In the treatment of middle aged women with acne there are certain factors which need to be taken into consideration:

  • Treatments and at home skincare must be customised for you as an individual.

  • No two skins are the same, especially when dealing with acne.

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding or certain medications may contraindicate you for certain skin treatments.

  • Your skin therapist will adjust your services accordingly to ensure your safety.

  • If you have rosacea which accompanies your acne then your treatments and products will have to address your barrier impairment and sensitivity not just your acne and wrinkles.

Wrinkles And Pimple - Adjust your diet

Adjust Your Diet

Its important to look at your diet and nutrition. Most adult acne sufferers are advised to eliminate sugar, dairy and gluten from their diets as they can be inflammatory to the system. We know that inflammation causes acne and has been linked to ageing.

  • Ingest lots of healthy whole foods, fresh vegetables and fruits for optimum nutrition.

  • Try to make your meals as colourful as possible.

  • Antioxidants found in berries and green leafy vegetables can help fight your acne and wrinkles from the inside.

  • A healthy diet creates a healthy gut biome.

  • A healthy gut biome leads to healthy skin.

  • Probiotics can also be of assistance, particularly if you have been on antibiotics to treat your acne.

  • Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies can impede your ability to overcome acne.

  • Gut testing can reveal if you have deficiencies in iron, zinc, and Essential Fatty Acids, particularly Omega 3 found in fish, flaxseeds and chia seeds.

  • Deficiencies can be addressed through diet or supplementation.

  • Drink lots of water.

Wrinkles And Pimple - ditch the pore clogging makeup

Ditch the Pore Clogging Makeup

Using skincare products and makeup which are comedogenic (pore clogging) will only make your acne worse and will hinder any professional treatments you are having. Its vital that you eliminate these products from your beauty regime.

Regularly clean your makeup brushes, clean your phone screen twice daily, and replace your pillowcase nightly to avoid cross contamination. If you are unsure which makeup could be clogging your pores ask your trusted skin therapist to assist you.

It may surprise you to know that 80% of your success in clearing your acne and treating your wrinkles will come from what you do at home, both internally and externally.

So caring for your skin on a twice daily basis under the guidance of your skin therapist is essential in effectively eliminating your pimples and minimising your wrinkles.

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