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Why Magnesium Is So Good For Your Health

Magnesium Is Good For Your Health

Ever asked yourself what could boost your energy level along with the appearance of your skin?

Well, magnesium has it all. This essential mineral is involved in many processes in our bodies. In particular, the magnesium is involved in many cellular reactions. It plays an essential action in the DNA construction and in energy production. It contributes to the development of bone tissue, the production of hormones and neurotransmitters. Moreover, magnesium is also important for the regulation of blood pressure and plays a primary action of importance in the metabolism of lipids and proteins.

Magnesium also improves your skin by replenishing your skin with important minerals, soothing and moisturising it for a healthy glow. It has many benefits when taken in powder form.

Magnesium Is Good For Your Health - Spinach

Here are some foods which explain why magnesium is so good for your health, here are a number of foods which have a high amount of magnesium in them along with countless benefits:

1. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds can be enjoyed as a snack or can be used in salads, to enrich them. The magnesium present in abundance helps to relax especially in the hard days.

2. Soybeans

The bean sprouts can also be added to the uncooked meals. They are able to bring so many benefits to our body, because it abounds in mineral salts.

3. Dried fruit

The dried fruit is good for its nutritional properties and benefits it brings.

Especially almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are another excellent source of magnesium. Specifically, it can stimulate the mental processes, such as those related to memory and attention. Furthermore this fruit helps to address the physical effort, avoiding muscle cramps.

4. Dill

Dill can be used as a flavoring to be put in the pasta sauce or vegetable side dishes. The fundamental characteristic possessed by the magnesium content in this aromatic plant lies in the possibility of being easily assimilated.

5. Dates

The dates should be included in our daily diet. In fact they can be considered a savory snack to be consumed even before you engage in 'physical activity.

6. Spinach

To meet the daily requirement of magnesium spinach is also excellent , which are also abundant in vitamins, calcium and potassium, and help to maintain the body.

7. Rice

With regard to rice as a source of magnesium, one must take into account that should be considered only the integral one. Whole grains in general are fundamental to introduce this mineral in our body salt.

8. Peas

Even the peas are an excellent source of magnesium. You can eat fresh in the spring and summer and dry during winter.

9. Artichokes

Artichokes are especially good as a side dish to be eaten at lunch. In this way we can ensure that sufficient dose of magnesium, which may serve as a reserve for the afternoon to devote to work or sport.

10. Figs

Ideals are figs to eat especially for a busy day. They too, are a key reserve to produce the energy needed during daily life.

Magnesium Is Good For Your Health - Figs

Adding some of these foods to your daily diet in the form of snacks or side dishes, can add wonders to your skin and keep your immune system strong and healthy. Just grab a few figs for lunch or sprinkle some dill leaves on your meal, small changes in your dietary habits can be extremely beneficial for you in the long term!

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