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5 Benefits of Vitamin C for the Skin

benefits of vitamin C

The effects of Vitamin C on the skin are almost like a magic trick. Having tons of benefits, Vitamin C is a secret to healthy skin and a strong immune system.

Vitamin C is able to:

  • Increase collagen production,

  • Lighten skin blemishes,

  • Protect against sun damage,

  • Heal wounds

  • Minimize the harmful effects of free radicals.

Yes, that means firmer, radiant skin with fewer lines of expression and wrinkles. There is no contraindication: the substance can be used as a preventive effect on all skin types. Topical vitamin C, found in creams, lotions and gels, maintains a higher concentration in the skin than when ingested orally. We have listed some reasons why you should include vitamin C formulations in your cosmetic care.

Benefits of vitamin C - reasons why you should include vitamin C formulations

1. Fight wrinkles

Vitamin C is one of the essential factors for the production and stabilization of collagen, explains the dermatologist Tiago Recena, especially the collagens I and III, the main ones of our body. Collagen keeps more water and elasticity in its fibers, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. In addition to the skin, collagen also helps make hair and nails look more beautiful.

2. Reduces Sun Damage

The antioxidant action of vitamin C protects the skin from the sun's rays and reduces the effects caused by the sun, explains the dermatologist Juliana Source:

  • This occurs for both aging and the appearance of skin cancer, acting in partnership with sunscreens.

  • This is not to say that vitamin C is a substitute for sunscreen because it works for other purposes.

  • Vitamin C does not protect against sunburn, but the release of free radicals by ultraviolet rays - clarifies Tiago Recena.

3. It is a powerful antioxidant

Free radicals are toxic substances produced by the body itself or by external factors like sun, cigarette, stress and pollution - which, under normal conditions, our body is in charge of neutralizing naturally. Antioxidant substances are responsible for reacting and neutralizing the levels of free radicals in the body. And the good news? Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants and neutralizes free radicals by chemical reactions.In addition, vitamin C has a whitening effect and improves immunity.

4. Healing powers

It is fundamental in the healing process and production of collagen, it prevents diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, cataract, improves male fertility and the absorption of iron - explains Juliana Fonte.

5. Want more? Reset your daily reservation

Vitamin C is present in many foods, especially in citrus fruits like kiwi, acerola, cashew and strawberry. Dark-green vegetables are rich in vitamin C: broccoli, kale and watercress, for example. It can also be found in some foods of animal origin, such as cow's milk and goat's milk and livers, both beef and pork or chicken.

  • The body usually works with a reserve of 1500mg of vitamin C, which quickly degrades before the sun and oxygen, so we need to replenish daily. In some cases, you need to supplement with vitamin C as supplements in capsules - explains the dermatologist Tiago Recena.


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